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#0, Fatbomb and Server resources?
Posted by ronzta on Jun-22-04 at 02:10 PM
Recently my host's abuse people emailed me saying that a script on the system is using up too many resources. According to them, The script in question is my fatbomb .cgi file. I found it hard to believe, but I asked them anyway what I can do about it and they gave me these options:

1) Set it up in cron to run between midnight and 3am.
2) Nice the process to 19.
3) Debug the script to increase performace.
4) Don't use the script.

Number 4 is definitely out for me, so that leaves the other 3. Does anybody have any ideas on the other 3? #2 interested me in particular, but I haven't had a clue on how I would use it. Has anybody had any similar issues? Could my host be mistaken?

Thanks in advance.

Ron (ronzta)