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#55, RE: Using FatBomb Custom Databases
Posted by Patrick_M on Apr-14-06 at 01:51 PM
In response to message #51
Hello All,

In an earlier post on this thread it says we can change our
"source" readout by editing the "^p" and adding our source
name (in the above post it is an image rather than a name).

I have created a few databases now using spiderbomb, but
I do not see the ^p referred to in this other post.

Can someone help me out here?

Here's the original post on this:

>For branding, I would like to make my own database results
>stand out, other than just assigning them more points.
>Is it possible to add an images field to the database, i.e.
>image file location/URL/Title/Desc.


1 Open your kelvin.txt database in Notetab, free at www.notetab.com .

2. Create/copy the HTML for your graphic.

3. Do a search/replace in NoteTab:

Find: ^p
Replace: <your html here>^p

NOTE: The blank space before the html tag(s) and the ^p and the end of the "replace with". You will need to include it in the "replace", as well as the "find".

This will add the html to your images, etc to the end of the description in your database and the images will be "viewable" in the SERP's...

If you want to sell banner advertising as an "upgrade", for example, you can locate the URL in your database/text file and add custom html for any link.


Maybe I'm misunderstanding what's being said here.