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#0, Keymapz
Posted by Kurt on Jan-30-05 at 03:00 PM
LAST EDITED ON Apr-22-06 AT 10:33 AM (PST)
Keymapz takes site map building into the next generation. Keymapz creates a "site map" based on the keywords you specify, by checking pages for the keywords in the title tags or included in the body text.

Include pages that contain:
Enter your words or short phrases here. Keymapz will only include pages that contain these words in your links.

Match: Any All Exact
This determines how Keymapz searches your pages. Let's use "apple pie" as an example of your keywords or phrase entered above.

Any: Will include any page that contains either the words "apple" or "pie".

All: Includes pages that contain BOTH words "apple" and "pie".

Exact: The page must contain the exact phrase "apple pie."

Any will return the most results, but least relevant. Exact will be the most relevant but return the least results. All is "in the middle".

Case Sensitive
Will respect (or not) capital letters.

Whole Words
Will only include the search string if it is a "whole" word. For example, if you enter "pie", and select "whole words", pages containing "pies" (note the plural) will NOT be included.

Find keywords in:
-Page titles only
-Anywhere in entire page

Page Titles Only: Your keywords must be contained in the pages' Keywords must be here tags.

Anywhere in entire page: Will include the page regardless of where the keywords are located.

Add links to single index
If selected, all pages matching your choices above will have links added to a single, specific page defined by you.

To enter a single page to use as a Keymapz, simply enter it's file name: index.html

This page must be in the folder that contains all your pages.

Add links to each page containing search keywords.
If selected, each page that meets your requirements above will have the links to each page inserted into them.

Allow Only Pages with These Extensions

Enter the file extensions you want Keymapz to consider in it's "map making". Just enter any extensions you want to include, separated by a comma. For example: html,htm,shtml,php will search this files for inclusion with your Keymapz.

Format links:
You have a lot of control over how your links will be displayed on your pages. You can use html for formatting, adding graphics, etc. Experiment to discover all the possibilities.

You can add html and text in these places:
-Before Links:
-Between Links:
-After Links:

To use the Preview feature, simply make some changes in your link format, then click any where in the page and look for the updates. Note: Preview function only works in Internet Explorer.

Add links: Before or After
Once Keymapz has created a list of all the links that meet your criteria,
you need to it where on your page to add your index of links.

This text:
This will determine the text Keymapz uses to place your list of links on your pages. It is important that you chose a text string that only occurs one time on your pages.

A good, safe place to insert links is just before the </body> tag of your pages. Every webpage has the </body> tag and you will want to put your links BEFORE the ending </body> tag.

A basic formatting example:

1 Before Links: <P>
2 Between Links: || (Note blank spaces before and after the || )
3 After Links: <P>
5 Use </body> for THIS TEXT.

This will create links at the bottom of the page(s) formatted like this:
Page 1 || Page 2 ||Page 3 || Page 4

You can also use formatting such as <center>,<hr>, as well as select fonts, size, color, etc. Just be sure to remember to include any needed closing for AFTER LINKS.

Case Sensitive
Will respect (or not) capital letters.

Tip: To Include All Pages in a Directory in a Site Map
It's simple. Just use the letter "a" as your keyword, making sure that neither Case Sensitive or Whole Words is NOT selected. Assuming your pages contain the letter "a", the will be included in your KeyMapz.

New Feature - Added 4-22-06:
Randomly add no less than: ___
and more than ___

If this option is seletect, Keymapz will build a list of links to pages based on your keyword phrase, then add them randomly to the relevant pages.

This is a great way to build relevant linking to all your internal pages, while avoiding any machine made patterns, giving your links/pages a "hand made look" while adding links to other pages containing the same keywords.

This will benefit you, your SEO/SEO and your actual human readers, as well, as having links to your other pages containing the same keywords is a great service for your readers, as well.