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#0, Linez - Official Thread
Posted by Kurt on Jan-30-06 at 07:03 PM
LAST EDITED ON Apr-22-06 AT 05:54 AM (PST)
Linez ReadMe

Linez is a tuel that will manipulate each LINE of text using a number of functions.

You can either load a file by browsing your PC, or simply paste some lines of text/html.

Shuffle - Will randomly re-order the lines.

Reverse - Reverses the order of lines.

Crop After - Enter a number of characters, and Linez will delete all characters after the number you enter. Good for making lines of uniform length.

Prefix Lines - Adds the input to the START of each line.

Suffix Lines - Add the input to the END of each line.

Copy Lines Containing - Input words or text strings and Linez will copy those lines to your clipboard. Great for pulling out relevant keywords from a larger list.

Cut Lines Containing - Similar to "Copy Lines", however Cut Lines will remove the lines containing the input, while still copying them to the clipboard.

Find & Replace - A basic find and replace function that works on the lines in the main input box.

Sort Lines - Alphabetical - Self Explanatory

Sort Lines - Numeric - Self Explanatory

Join Lines - Will combine all lines on a single line.

Break Lines - Input where you want Linez to add "line breaks" and Linez will seperate them into seperate lines of text.

Add Numbers - Will add numbers in numerical order to the beginning of each line.

Remove Numbers - Deletes all numbers only at the begining of each line.