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#0, Free Vista Beta 2
Posted by ezrydn on Aug-27-06 at 08:06 AM
I read this recently and when through the process. It's quick. I copied what you need to know below:

Looks like Microsoft is giving away free Vista Cd’s if you can answer a small quiz


The Answers for you all

Q. 1 The new operating system being launched by Microsoft in 2006 is called
Q. 2 Windows Vista brings _____________ to your world
Q. 3 Windows Vista will be available first to businesses in
November 2006
Q. 4 Windows Vista Enterprise edition cannot be bought as an OEM license, it can be acquired only through Software Assurance.
Q. 5 The glass effect in Windows Vista is called
Q. 6 Windows Sidebar boosts your personal productivity by
All the above
Q. 7 The scenarios for businesses through which Windows Vista brings value are:
All the above
Q. 8 The minimum RAM requirements for a Windows Vista machine is
512 MB

Even if you dont want it…..just sell it

You can view the forum Warez section here….

Although I didn't go to the "warez" section, I did apply for my CD through Microsoft. We'll see how long it takes to get here from India. Hell, it takes 3-4 weeks just from the US!

Will let you know when it arrives and my 'impession' of it.