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#0, 4 Adding RSS/BlogBomb to Your Pages SSI and htaccess
Posted by Kurt on Nov-20-07 at 01:18 AM
LAST EDITED ON Dec-06-07 AT 12:58 PM (PST)
In addition to using SSI to add BlogBomb results to your pages, this thread will also serve as a general discussion of SSI and why it's so powerful.

SSI is essential for becoming a "power" webmaster. Investing a little time know will be a huge time-saver for you in the future.

SSI = Server Side Include - This tells your server to "include" another file in your webpage.

This file can be the results from a cgi script, such as BlogBomb or Fatty, or it can be to insert a small html or text file into a web page.

Think of SSI like a link, except instead of taking you to another page, it actually inserts the content into the web page.

For example, create a text file and paste in your AdSense code. Now save that file as:

Now, instead of adding AdSense code directly to our pages, we instead add an SSI tag calling another web page:

Something like this:

<!--#include virtual="adsense.html" -->

Now if we put this SSI tag into our pages, any time we want to change our Adsense we ONLY NEED TO CHANGE ONE FILE!!!

If you have thousands of pages, or more, if you plan ahead and put SSI tags on your pages you can save a ton of time.

Over at www.pheeds.com I have a mirror of Wikipedia with 100,000's of web pages.

I did a search/replace of each page and added numerous SSI tags to all the pages.

Now, I can change a single html file and instantly make changes across ALL the pages at once.

You also can use SSI tags to add dynamic content to your pages. BlogBomb is very good for this.

Assuming BlogBomb is up and running and you've added some good RSS pheeds, you can now use SSI to communicate with BlogBomb to add and modify content on your pages.

You can also use SSI to add Fatty results and each time you modify fatty, say with more links to other sites, all your pages will be updated automatically.

Picture this in your mind for your own niche.

SSI TAG TO BLOGBOMB- Contains links to RSS pheeds


SSI TAG TO FATTY - Contains links to your other sites, quality SERPs, etc.

Adding different elements to an article is a great way to create quality, unique pages.

If you have a bunch of articles or web pages already in html format, then it's pretty easy to automate adding SSI tags, based on different keywords per page...This will add different content to each page.

Once you get the hang of SSI, have the Amazon script, Fatty and BlogBomb working, then move on to PageBomb, which is built to exploit SSI.