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#5, RE: htaccess
Posted by Kurt on Dec-07-07 at 03:43 PM
In response to message #4
PS...Jeff and All...

If you're worried about SSI and htaccess, remember later this month we're moving on ZZ Tuel.

ZZ Tuel uses RSS to make and update static html pages. All the work is done on your PC, then the pages are FTP'd to your sites.

With ZZ, you don't need to check path to perl, set permissions, make sure you have the right modules or version of PHP...You don't need to hassle with hosts that don't have their cgi-bin working correctly, etc.

You do need to be connected the the Net, your PC on and Tuelz running. If this is a problem, use Fatty and BBX2 more.

Again, if your Net connection is a concern, use "server side" resources like BBX2, Fatty and other scripts.

If your hosting resources/skills the big concern, use ZZ Tuel.

Being a Bomber is all about options.