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#7, RE: htaccess
Posted by Kurt on Dec-09-07 at 11:43 PM
In response to message #6
Hi Faraz,

You're getting it.

Couple of notes: RSS is about news and current events and doesn't have the depth of results that "normal" search engine results have.

A topic such as "harry potter wands" depends on people blogging about it and/or the topic is "newsworthy". This means you'll find more "no results" with RSS than you will with web search results.

Keep in mind, a major use of BlogBomb will be to use your own RSS pheeds. This will create an auto-linking system across your entire network.

Also, BlogBomb is for quick updates of web pages. ZZ Tuel will take this a step further and let us create new pages from the RSS pheeds.

Get to know how to find pheeds for BlogBomb (which Faraz is doing), with the understanding that soon we'll be using BlogBomb even more for cross-linking than for adding content.