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#8, Using Multiple SSI Tags
Posted by Kurt on Dec-10-07 at 01:21 AM
In response to message #7
By now you should have at least three different sources of dynamic content:
Amazon script

The amazon script can either be installed on the same domain and called using SSI, or it can generate an RSS pheed and be fed to BlogBomb/ZZ Tuel.

Try mixing and matching these three resources with things like PLR or articles you get from article directories.

Now picture pages that look like:

RSS Keyword Content
<SSI tag to blogbomb>

PLR/Spun Article

5 Fatty Results
<SSI tag to Fatty>

RSS YOUR NETWORK LINKS - (Used to cross-link your own pages/blogs/lenses)
<SSI tag to blogbomb>


Get to know the "variables" for your SSI tags, so that you can control things like the keyword and the number of results.

The best way to do this is just to do it...You can't break anything, so go play around a little bit.