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#9, RE: Using Multiple SSI Tags
Posted by hyperpower on Dec-22-07 at 00:42 AM
In response to message #8
LAST EDITED ON Dec-22-07 AT 00:43 AM (PST)
Hey Kurt,

I'm trying to add the zon script to the sidebar of fatbomb search results. Can't get it to work.

I added to my fatbomb skin
<!--#include virtual="/cgi-bin/blogbomb/feedsearch_ssi.cgi?cat=2" -->
It works on index.html though...

It can't work on the skin. I tried
<!--#include virtual="../cgi-bin/blogbomb/feedsearch_ssi.cgi?cat=2" -->
<!--#include virtual="../../cgi-bin/blogbomb/feedsearch_ssi.cgi?cat=2" -->
<!--#include virtual="../../../cgi-bin/blogbomb/feedsearch_ssi.cgi?cat=2" -->

all can't work too. any idea what to do?