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#8, RE: Kamo-flage System (Coming soon)
Posted by Kurt on Aug-03-11 at 08:41 AM
In response to message #7
>Kurt is there a way of making this technique work for things like
>Wordpress Blogs and Web 2.0 sites.
>I have been experimenting with SEnuke and a couple of other tools to
>see how it might work and managed to get something similar. I
>believe if this process could be automated for web 2.0 sites and
>even our own blogs the effects could be awesome. I know you are not
>a big user of Wordpress but imagine if we could?

Hey Graham...

Are you asking about the strategy being automated or the technical stuff?

As you said, I don't use WP, so I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to all things concerning it. I'll think about it and try to come up with something, but can't promise.

The only thing that comes to mind at this time is using iframes with WP, but you'd still need to make the html pages to display in the frames, which defeats the purpose.

With Tuelz and Blinx, it's pretty easy to mass produce these pages. The exception is adding All Posters, which isn't necessary.