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#1, RE: RSS Strategy Chart and Link Zipper Strategy
Posted by Kurt on Aug-06-10 at 02:09 AM
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LAST EDITED ON Aug-06-10 AT 02:26 AM (PST)
Using ZZ Tuel and Commentz/Hubz in this strategy:

As you keep adding all your RSS pheeds to your "mash", you can add them to ZZ Tuel pages.

Let's say you have a PLR article or two.

Use ZZ Tuel to add your BlogBomb "mash up" of all your RSS pheeds to these articles.

For example, get a free host and use ZZ to add new random RSS items to your articles and have it update every so often. This puts random links to your properties on these article pages.

Remember the "Bing Loophole"? It's basically adding random links so each time Bing comes by it indexes new links. Bing was adding the new links it found, but didn't subtract the missing links.

I can't promise this still works, but ZZ Tuel can do this and it's surely worth setting up and testing on a free host. And it's not a bad way to get profile links indexed.

Just create a simple 8 page site and add a few links to each page using ZZ Tuel and your mashed RSS pheed.

Commentz/Hubz are also good for this...When you set up a project, use Commentz/Hubz to post new articles. Commentz/Hubz will add them to an RSS pheed. Submit and ping this pheed, as well as add it to your mash.

In the mash it can be submitted again, then added to your network of properties for even more exposure of the links in your RSS pheeds.

With Hubz, you can "auto drip" articles and it will update an RSS pheed when it updates, creating more ping and linking opportunities.

You can even combine ZZ and Commentz/Hubz projects, using the benefits of each in tandem.