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#6, RE: RSS Strategy Chart and Link Zipper Strategy
Posted by Kurt on Feb-28-11 at 06:23 AM
In response to message #5
LAST EDITED ON Feb-28-11 AT 06:25 AM (PST)
>Lovin that Niche Dog Logo and stuff Kurt. Seems you have
>been hiding your graphics skills under a bushell.
>These process maps are really great can we have more of
>them. I am one of these people who loves a step by step
>process and it works great for giving to outsourcers as

Hey Graham,

That's not my chart. It's posted on an image sharing site, so I included it here. I've removed it to ensure there's no confusion.

Having said this, with the recent Google "farmer" update, I wonder how long these linking strategies will hold up.

Copy this URL to view the NicheDog link chart: