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#0, Building a Linking Powerhouse: Link Footprints, URL Harvesting and Bulk PR Check
Posted by Kurt on Sep-17-10 at 07:45 PM
LAST EDITED ON Mar-01-11 AT 07:03 AM (PST)
This thread is about finding places we can add links in bulk. This is far supperior to any link packet system you can buy.

Get this system down and the possibilites are endlesss...

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IM Automation

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You Also Need a URL Harvester (Choose one)
ScrapeBox (best)
Free Google Url Scraper/Harvester

And a bunch of "footprints" to find places to add links.

I'll add some footprints as we go and you can research your own...

It's pretty simple really...Use ScrapeBox or the Free Google Url Scraper/Harvester to do a google search using footprints. The two programs both return just the URLs from the searches, which is what we want.

Note that ScrapeBox the Free Google Url Scraper/Harvester doesn't let you copy the list of URLs and you must save them to a file.

The Free Google Url Scraper/Harvester will add new URLs to the list, so just keep harvesting then save all at once.

Optional: PR Check

Run the domain names through the bulk PR check and look for domains with a PR of 1 or higher. Note the free scraper allows you to save the full URL or just the domain/homepage. If using the free harvester, save a version of each and run the domain names through the bulk PR checker, but use the full URLs if needed (if they are direct registration pages).

Once you have a collection of URLs, use the methods in the IM Automation thread to help you get the job done better and faster.


Really study and experiment with tweaking the footprints. The better you get at finding what you want, the easier everything else becomes.

You want to find a lot of "things" that are similar, that you can use to automate.

You can also use these techniques to find blogs and forums to make legit comments on.

Concentrate on trying to find stuff you don't have to register for or confirm emails, such as blogs, guest books, etc.

The drawback of this is captchas and it doesn't have a way of handling captchas automatically. Ubot and specialized tools will be needed in these cases, or do in manually.

If you find a bunch of resources that are the same, such as all use the same version of a blog, I can probably handle that with Ubot pretty well and create something to handle captchas.

However, if you find a few good sources, do the grunt work, it will pay off.

Also, think of this as adding to your collection. As you go along it is important to keep a record of the good stuff and keep adding to it so you build your own huge collection of resources you can use over and over again.

Doing multiple searches of Google, especially using special search operators will cause a temp ban of your IP from Google. This is a good use of HideMYAss. Set it to change every couple of minutes and you'll be more productive.