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#1, RE: ScrapeBomb - FREE Method for Scraping Tons of URLs
Posted by Roxy97 on Mar-01-11 at 03:38 AM
In response to message #0
Those footprints are so handy and this just squares the circle prefectly.

I was buying those packets from various people on the Warrior Forum and DP but when you put up those lists of footprints I found it so much easier to just pay some one to spend a few hours going through those footprints and come up with great new links.

Also one thing we tried was looking at where the pharma guys get their links just search keywords like "levitra and cialis" and you will see where guys in this very competitive but lucrative niche are getting their backlinks.

To be fair I suspect they are using some pretty blackhat tools like Xrumer but some of the sources are actually pretty good and really high value.

Has anyone tried this technique as it's worth spending some time on and if you get the right people can work out cheaper than buying packets which everyone bombards to death and they quickly get deindexed or made no follow.