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#0, Camouflage Pages
Posted by Kurt on Oct-05-09 at 06:36 AM
LAST EDITED ON Oct-05-09 AT 06:36 AM (PST)
I created an example camouflage page...



You can use these to hide links and "commercial intent". For example, if you create some profiles, link them to a camouflage page.

Look at all of the places to include your own links, without looking like they are your's.

Also, look how I tried to "gently" use the keywords "whiten teeth", including the page title.

Fake comments are a great place to add links to your other profile pages.

Also, add links to other affiliate programs in the "AdSense" ads. If you do, use nofollow on these links to preserve link juice for your own properties.

I didn't include "sacrificial links" on this page, but you could. These are links to high quality resources that you are not directly competing with, or are so big a few links won't change their rankings.

You can use this as a base, but be sure to change things like the header, graphic names, fonts/sizes used in the CSS (in the header).

Also, you can create a "camouflage" blog, then add fake comments to your own blog for more deception.