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#2, RE: Camouflage Pages
Posted by Kurt on May-24-10 at 10:30 PM
In response to message #1
From ThinkLInks:

Camouflage Pages
One way to not look like a spammer is to use camouflage pages. You can do this a number of ways, but here's the basic idea.

Set up a few blogs. You can use Blogger, WordPress or even an html page that simulates a blog. Just make sure this page isn't hosted on anything that can be traced back to you. There's a list of 253 free blog platforms in the left frame. Use them.

Add a little content, it can be about anything that ISN'T commercial. Put up some jokes, a "journal" of what you did today, talk about your school, your job. Again, anything that isn't commercial.

Next go to Youtube.com and add a couple of the most popular videos you can find. You want your content to be of interest to the general public.

Now, spam yourself using comments. You can use the "commenter's" name to link to profiles, etc.

If you use html, just format the comments to resemble blog comments. Add a comment form and button. It won't work, and doesn't need to, but it adds to the page's camouflage.

Try to simulate (but NOT copy) some Google AdSense ads. But add links to your own silver and gold sites.

Now use a link to this camouflage page in your profile pages. You won't look like a spammer or even a marketer.

Think about what others will see if they visit this page:

What you did today.
A couple of jokes.

A funny/popular video or two.

A couple of spam comments

Some AdSense.

You can easily get 4-12 links to your other real estate on this page without looking like a marketer. You can even allow a few "real" spam comments to really add camouflage for Google.

For more on camouflage pages: