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#0, Hubz and ZZ Tuel Downloads
Posted by Kurt on Aug-03-10 at 04:19 PM
LAST EDITED ON Aug-05-10 AT 06:28 PM (PST)
Your monthly membership includes ZZ Tuel. I'm also adding a really powerful Tuel called Hubz, which will also be free to active members.

Most Recent Download Here:

ZZ Tuel and Hubz Tuel for Aug. 2010.

(You must upgrade or your versions will expire soon)

Download the Hubz_Bot Site Maker here Aug. 03, 2010: (use this to automatically set up Hubz projects)

How to Upgrade Tuelz:

Exit Tuelz by clicking the the EXIT link at the bottom of each tuelz page, or use your Task Manager. (You can NOT just close the browser window)

Download and unzip Hubz_BomBot1_50.zip

Move to your Tuelz folder, over-writing existing zz.mod and hubz.mod.

Restart Tuelz.exe

For Hubz_Bot directions, follow the directions for the Commentz Site Making System:(See Post #5_


From time to time, I will "shut off" these Tuelz and you'll need to come to this thread and download working versions.

About Hubz. Hubz is a very secret Tuel I created many years ago (about 5) that I've only shared with a very few Bombers.

It is basically the Commentz Tuel, but with a secret feature called Auto Page Generator. It doesn't actually create pages, but it will drip-feed pages that you create on your hard drive.

It's pretty simple to use, but really sophisticated.

Quick Hubz Overview - More detail in the next post

-Same as Commentz, except has a secret special "drip feed" feature called "Auto Page Generator".

It takes a folder full of pages, COPIES them to a new folder, then dripfeeds them to your site at random.

-It uses a random scheduler that upoads new pages at "about" at given time.

-It uploads a random number of pages at a time.

-It creates a BRAND NEW copy of your pages then uploads them, not merely uploads your pages. This means your pages have unique "created on" time stamps. Note that the "created on" time and the "modified time" are two very different things. It's uncertain than Google can detect this, but better safe than sorry.

-Will "auto-link" the new pages

-Creates an RSS pheed from uploaded pages

Hubz Quick Start

Before you can use the APG you must FIRST set up a Hubz project.

This can be done in a few minutes using the Commentz AdSense Kit, except for Hubz. Remember, Hubz is really Commentz with the secret Auto Page Generator feature.

Gold - Adsense Sites - Commentz - Bomber Adsense Kit

But download the Hubzbot kit above it's exactly the same.

Use the template you selected for the kit as the template for your pages/articles. I suggest at least 25-30 pages or more. Then slowly drip-feed your site with a few pages every 10-15 days or so...

This is an excellent way to create auto sites using static html pages that have all the benefits of both html and blogs.