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#1, RE: Hubz and ZZ Tuel Downloads
Posted by Kurt on Aug-03-10 at 04:25 PM
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Hubz Tuel: Add Page Generator

This is a new feature of Hubz that will take a folder of pages and include them into Hubz projects, with the main purpose of eliminating common fingerprints and patterns usually associated with creating masses of pages at one time.

1. "Recreates" files so each has a different "created on" time and date.

2. Doesn't upload on a set Schedule", instead varies the time randomly within the limits you set.

3. Varies number of pages uploaded each time, so your "blog" doesn't grow at the same rate...Real blogs are updated randomly.

4. Creates an RSS pheed from the pages and updates your index page and rss pheed as pages are processed.

This feature is only available AFTER a project is created and to set up, use the Main Project page link: Add a new page generator

Select Generator Folder:
Put a bunch of doorway pages in this folder.

Batch Parameters

Process about this many pages each time: Select how many pages you want "processed" each time.

This number will vary +/- 3 . This is so a different number of pages is uploaded each time, removing any structure to the number of pages (a fingerprint).

Exception: Hubz will always process at least one page.

For example, if you enter "3", Hubz will sometimes process 1 pages, other times 6 pages, and at other times all numbers in between.

Title and Description -
Hubz will create an RSS item and modify your homepage and RSS pheed, but needs some info first:

For RSS Title field, use
_ The <title> tag -If selected, your page's title, will be the RSS title.

_ First words from the RSS description - Selecting this feature will let you use the first X number of words in the description as the RSS title.

For RSS Description field, use: -
We need to tell Hubz were to look on the pages for a description of the page. Find some marker text (or add some, if needed) and tell Hubz here.

Find text for RSS Description field:
before after this text:
Case insensitive sensitive
Include how many words in RSS Description field:

Scheduler -
Uses +/- 15 % so that your pages are not processed at exactly the same times....

Each time Hubz processes a few pages, these pages should be "recreated", giving each set a different "created on" time stamp.

Here's the "logic" for the two random factors:

Q A generator takes random number of the pages that have not been
processed yet. The number is taken from the range ,
where batch is the parameter "Process about this many pages each time".

A At least one page is always processed. When all pages are processed, the generator deletes itself.

Q How does the scheduler randomize the times to generate/upload?

A When a generator finishes its turn, it calculates the time of the next turn. This time is current_time+random_number, where the random number is taken from the range <0.85*scheduler, 1.15*scheduler>. It means that it allows +/- 15% shift.