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#8, RE: The YOU Rank
Posted by Kurt on Nov-15-05 at 01:27 AM
In response to message #7
Here's more:

Google engineer Matt Cutts' blog: "Blackhat SEOs may be leery of using Google for analytics, but regular site owners should be reassured."



1. Google considers just about any type of SEO to be "blackhat".

2. You heard about "You Rank" here first. IMO, You Rank will be the biggest thing to EVER impact SEO and will be like a credit report. I strongly suggest you stay out of Google's system at ALL COSTS if you want to stay in this game long term.

Because of all the page makers and sentence rewriters, link mafias, and article directorites that will be turned into spam, the engines will need to react and we'll start seeing more and more People Rank and You Rank.