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#13, RE: 1 BlogBomb - Installation - Videos
Posted by JeannieCrabtree on Nov-30-07 at 09:14 AM
In response to message #12
LAST EDITED ON Nov-30-07 AT 09:20 AM (PST)
Hi Mary, thanks for your advice. And Kurt thanks for getting me help on this.

I got an answer back from Kirill today:

"It appears that the problem is not related to the BlogBomb script. Any CGI script uploaded to the "cgi-bin" directory brings a 404 error. I have no idea what could cause this behavior, you need to contact your hosting provider to fix this bug.

Anyway there is an easy workaround against this problem: do not upload CGI scripts into the "cgi-bin" directory, upload them somewhere else. For instance, you could install BlogBomb to the
"http://www.mydomain.com/feeds/"; directory. CGI scripts seem to
work anywhere except for the "cgi-bin" directory of your site."

I host with hostgator, so will contact them. This has been annoying, but now I can move forward! Who would have thought that!