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#14, RE: 1 BlogBomb - Installation - Videos
Posted by Kurt on Nov-30-07 at 12:54 PM
In response to message #13

>I host with hostgator, so will contact them. This has been
>annoying, but now I can move forward! Who would have thought

HI Jeannie and Everyone...

This is the same problem Mao had on the RSS Blackhole thread, in that every fle in the cgi bin retutned a 404 "file not found" error...The host being the problem is more common than we think.

For those with less experience installing scripts it can be very frustrating, as we tend to blame ourselves and/or the script, when in fact it is the host.

If you have trouble installing simple scripts, don't be afraid to think that the host is the problem. It happens much more often than you think it would and should be a consideration if installs go wrong...