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#24, RE: 1 BlogBomb - Installation - Videos
Posted by Kurt on Feb-16-08 at 08:14 PM
In response to message #23
>Hi Kurt,
>I finally got time to upload BlogBomb - RSS version and I
>have run into a problem. It's probably something that I have
>or haven't done, though I am pretty good at following
>When I try to log in I get an error message which says
>"password id empty"
>I have uploaded the files 3 times and have double checked
>and triple checked the permissions.
>If I enter an incorrect password then I get the message -
>"invalid password" so it knows that it's incorrect. Any

Hi Lewis,

It's not a permissions problem, as that would give you a 500 error, so don't mess with that.

Also, don't use Notepad, as it can create strange errors.

You said on the other thread that you have opened data/config.pl and checked the password. Try changing it, and reupload the config file to the data folder.

Copy/paste (don't type) the new password and see if it works. Make sure you don't copy the quote marks.

Double check that you are really logging into to correct instance of BlogBomb and not another installment.