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#4, RE: 1 BlogBomb - Installation - Videos
Posted by mmurtha on Nov-21-07 at 02:57 PM
In response to message #3
LAST EDITED ON Nov-21-07 AT 03:17 PM (PST)
Hey Kurt,

Umm I did go by the read me file, and I used the version Kirill uploaded on my other sites.

The code above is what is in the data/config.pl file.

I guess then I do not have to change the password thing until Iget inside the admin area right?

Btw, I also don't have these 2 files:

- data.pl - 755

I presume you meant data/config.pl file for this one right?

- /libwww - 755

And I have no idea what you meant be this one here.

I found a lib folder in the FatBomb and SiderBomb zips, but not with BlogBomb.

Am I missing one for BlogBomb?




I found the place to change the password. I didn't see it at the bottom of the page where it says "changeme" in this line here:

$ADMIN_PASSWORD = 'changeme' unless $ADMIN_PASSWORD;

Lol I was looking for the word "test" and couldn't find it.

Sorry Kurt!