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#5, RE: 1 BlogBomb - Installation - Videos
Posted by Kurt on Nov-21-07 at 03:16 PM
In response to message #4
Hi Mary,

OK...You have a special BlogBomb version that is used with Fatty and Spider, correct?

What your version is doing is reading/using the same keyword for all 3 scripts: Fatty, BlogBomb and Spider...this is so you can log into just one and access them all.

$data = {};
require "../fatbomb/data/config.dat" if -f "../fatbomb/data/config.dat";
$ADMIN_PASSWORD = 'changeme' unless $ADMIN_PASSWORD;

In this case, your default password is:

Just install BlogBomb, then log into the admin and change the password that way. Or, you can change "changeme" in the data/config/pl file to your prefered password.