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#0, March 2010 Downloads _ Special RSS Editiion
Posted by Kurt on Mar-21-10 at 05:53 PM
There will be a few things coming, all focusing on building an RSS network.

Right now I'm finishing a Ping.fm bot which will help set up various accounts at sites like Blogger, Twitter, Facebook, etc. It will also log into Ping.fm and add as many of these accounts as possible automatcially.

We'll focus on the 80/20 rule a lot...And this Ping.fm bot will create accounts at the 10-11 BEST resources that also allow RSS.

Of the 10, I can get the bot to set up about half in Ping.fm. You'll need to do the other half (about 5) by hand.

When it's set up, you just have to log into your Ping.fm account and make a post. Each time you post it will be sent to all of the 10-11 sites created for you with this bot.

And each of these accounts provide an RSS pheed, which means you can submit and ping each of them.

In the coming month, we'll focus on adding more RSS resources and show how to best exploit RSS to automate. We'll automate making sites, email, SEO, link building and more using RSS.

In the meantime:
-Come up with 3-5 gmail accounts...AT least one you can dedicate to this project

-Have BlogBomb installed for this project and ready to go