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#4, RE: March 2010 Downloads _ Special RSS Editiion
Posted by Kurt on Apr-01-10 at 10:41 AM
In response to message #3
Setting up Pingz

Make a list of the URLs for YOUR pages:


Click on Tuelz.exe then open Pingz.

For category, enter: Ping.fm

Once in the Ping.fm cateogory, enter:

A short title, such as: Twiter

The URLs for each of your pages.

Leave "sensitivity" to 95%. Remember, the sensitivity is how much a page needs to change before it is considered an "update".

Number of Status Reports to Save: 12

Check Every: Choose a random selection of between 12 hours and 4 days. You want to spread things out.

Click "Ping O Matic" to select all the available ping services available.

Note: For setting up your own hosting services as "proxies", read the Pingz Tuel info thread:

This is fast and easy to do, and it's powerful and automated.

Here's what's happening...Pingz is going to check to see if any of our Ping.fm social pages have been updated. If they have, then Pingz tells Ping O Matic to ping them for you.

Pingz is unlike any other pinging program in that it actually monitors your sites and checks for updates.

Our goal is to ping every page/site/blog that features an RSS pheed each time we update it. Plus, we will be getting more and more of these sites, and as they update they will be pinged each time automatically.

We'll have more sites and we'll ping them more often, giving us exponentially more pings. And each ping can bring the search engines and help create links. It is this system of "blog and ping" that has become one of the most powerful SEO strategies over the past decade, and this system takes the fullest advantage of this.

Check this out...Each time we post on our main blog (in the example above), we also are adding the content to our aWeber emails, updating Ping.fm, which updates 10 social sites, and each of these 10 "updates" allow us another ping opportunity.

And we're not stopping here...As we add more and more sites to our network, we'll increase our potential by leaps and bounds. Andy by tying everything together using RSS and automation, we'll be able to update our network of sites very easily.

This strategy will work very well for those into article marketing. If you're spinning content, you may as well expand your reach and control beyond the article directories.