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#5, RE: March 2010 Downloads _ Special RSS Editiion
Posted by Kurt on Apr-04-10 at 04:58 PM
In response to message #4

vBulletin Forums with the Blog Plugin

Setting up some vBulletin profiles is a good way to add 10-20 more resources to your RSS network. But these aren't just any VB forum sites, these are VB forums that also have a special blog plugin that allows users to create their own blogs.

These are basic blogs, but you can add links to your posts that are live/dofollow and they each give you your own RSS pheed, which gives you 10-20 more ping opportunities.

Note: VB costs $80 a year or $195 for a paid license and the blog plugin is something like another $100. What this means is, these are sites where the owner has invested some time and money. These sites are more stable than most, but they are also monitored.

We're not looking to build 300 spammy profiles on these sites. Instead, we want to give these sites a little more attention, because they are a great way to diversify our linking profile.

Right now, run the vBulletin Bombot to create some profiles and let them "age" for a week or two.

Most VB sites have captchas and some even have "trick questions" a human can answer, so vBulletin Bombot in not totally automatic.

It will navigate to a site and try fill in as much info as possible, then stop.

When it stops, fill in any needed info.

Press the start button


Wait 5 minutes, then run the Gmail Activation mode. It will log into your gmail account and click the verification links automatically for you.

Wait again for a short while. Log into your gmail account and create a folder/label for the "welcome" emails. These are the sites that have made it through all the stages so far and group them together in a folder/label and keep them on gmail as a means of organization.

Now wait for a week or checking out the forums in the meantime, then start building blogs on the sites you feel are most appropriate.

Again, these VB blogs are more valuable than "regular" profile pages. Remember, you also get a profile and sig, which are link opps. Plus, you get a blog where you can add links, and get another RSS pheed to use and promote.

As of now, there's no automation for posting to these blogs. I'm working on a bot to do this...It won't be totally automatic, but it will be able to take content, log into your accounts, spin the content and then post it on your blogs.

These blogs are great to use a camauflage pages. Make general posts about popular, non-controversial topics, use humor, cute things, and a lot of small talk, lots of links to "non-threatening" sites, then hide a few links of value when and where you can...

Promote mainly with pinging, with some light bookmarking, and cross linking by adding each RSS pheed to BlogBomb.