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#6, RE: March 2010 Downloads _ Special RSS Editiion
Posted by Kurt on Apr-22-10 at 01:06 AM
In response to message #5
LAST EDITED ON Apr-22-10 AT 01:12 AM (PST)
Here's a Kickapps Botbom:

Kickapps is a popular forum/community board. This bot will create accounts on Kickapps.

There's two modes:
PageRank - Will go through the list of sites, starting with the highest PR sites first.

Random - Visits sites at random so you have unique linking patterns.

Good news: Kickapps lets you add a few RSS pheeds. This feature makes it perfect for adding to our network of sites.

Bad news: The links created are nofollow.

Despite being nofollow, I like adding a few kickapps sites to the network simply because they are great for adding RSS pheeds to your profile pages. I believe a few nofollows are a good thing.

But because they are nofollow, there's no point in spending a lot of time on Kickapps.

Run it and sign up for about 50 sites. About half will send a verification email. After you confirm, about half of these sites will work...So spend a little time and add 7-15 Kickapps profiles to your network.

After you create and verify your accounts, wait for about a week, then log in and add your RSS pheeds from BlogBomb, Twitter, etc.