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#0, The List of FREE Bots
Posted by Kurt on Apr-04-10 at 04:35 PM
LAST EDITED ON Jun-12-10 AT 07:02 PM (PST)
This thread is for listing all the free bots, both those that I make and by others (that are publicly available). These are Ubot Studio bots, which are "mini programs" that automate tasks.

I suggest you create a folder called "Bots" and in it create a folder for each bot. Then in the main "Bot" folder, add shorcuts to each bot, so you can access them quickly.

BotBoms (custom Bomber bots)

Bomber AdSense Kit

For more info about the Bomber Adsense Kit:

Kickapps Botbom:
Kickapps is a popular forum/community board. This bot will create accounts on Kickapps.
More info: See Post #6

www.dombom.com/iframes/ContentScraperBotBom1a.zip updated May 19, 2010
Scrapes content from Youtube, Wikipedia and Quotes. Mix in some Blinkx video "walls" to make some quick and interesting camouflage sites.
More info: See Post #2

Download PingFM bot here:

Building a Syndication Using Ping.fm This project is about building a syndication network to form a rock-solid foundation for your marketing projects.

For more info see post #3:

vBulletin Forums with the Blog Plugin

Helps Register and verify emails for vBulletin forums that give away blogs. Use the included URLs or try the Google SERP Scraper Bot to create your own custom list.

For more info see post #5:

Uber Index BotBom

More Info:


Simple Proxy Scraper Bot

(Please download it and give it a test on your system:)

Here's a simple bot I just made that scrapes proxy IPs from this page:
It only scrapes IPs that are from the US and the UK, ommiting IPs from all other countries.

There's a small glitch...If you want to run the bot again, you need to hit the "stop" button (by "actions"), then hit the "go" button again.

The IPs should be stored in a txt file called Ips.txt, located in the same folder as ProxyScraper.exe.

If you own Scrapebox, it will do a better job of collecting proxies, but if you don't, this is a good, easy way to get some fresh proxies.

I hope to add this proxy scraper to other bots, so this is just a start.

Gmail Activation Link Clicker Bot

This bot will log into your gmail account and open all emails looking for "activation" or "verification" links, then click them.

1. Unzip

2. Enter your gmail address

3. Enter your account password

4. Browse your PC and select the activation codes.txt file that is included in the GmailActivation1 folder.

5. Press the start button

6. Go get something to drink and let the bot do the dirty work.


FREE Third Party Bots

Note: I haven't tried all of these, if you download and try one of these bots please report if it works or not.


Google SERP Scraper Bot - http://www.bestsoftware4download.com/software/t-free-ubot-review-serp-scraper-download-ayhvmkro.html

This is a "mini" (and free!) "Scrapebox" that scrapes Google for URLs. Use it to find footprints of common site platforms, such as Wordpress blogs or VBulletin forums.

EzineArticles Sraper to WP Blogs Bot -

Enter some keywords and this bot will scrape some articles from EzineArticles.com and post them to your WP blog. Good bot for getting some quick content.

Google Adwords Scraper -

Enter keywords and this bot scrapes and saves the Google AdWords PPC ads for that seach. A good way to track and spy on Adwords campaigns.

Reddit User Creations Bot
Creates Reddit user accounts

Wordpress.com Free Post/Article Submitter

From the bot builder: "The bot will take an article.txt file which can include spin syntax. It will load a username.txt file and a passwords.txt file and then take one random line from a tags.txt file and do the following. Login to the account on wordpress.com post it, log out and the goto the next account, login and repeate until all the accounts in the list have been actioned. There's also a user input delay so you can schedule it."

FaceBook Friend Adder Bot

(Download "The stand alone software")

Facebook Account Creator Bot

Auto WP Poster Bot

From the bot builder: "here is a bot that will log into a list of Wordpress blogs and make a post. This is a cool tool for anyone that runs a blog network that makes posts across the network.

MyLifeIsAverage_Scraper Bot:

I compiled the source programmed by another person. This bot goes to www.MyLifeIsAverage.com and scrapes posts. These posts are GREAT for using as "every day" posts, just rewrite them a bit using your own keywords to change the story a bit.

Easy Twitter Friend Adder:

"adds users by keyword, username and unfollows using Buzzom. The software works very well at getting targeted followers and should make your Twitter marketing efforts easy."


RSS Pheed Submitter:

This is a lite version. Looks like it is pretty good if you haven't paid for something better.



If there's a bot that uses URLs from the same platform, such as my VB forum with blogs script, you can scrape your own URLs, paste them into the proper text file containing the URLs for that bot and have your own unique set of resources.