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#12, RE: The List of Bots
Posted by Kurt on May-20-10 at 04:26 AM
In response to message #11
Another free 3rd party bot. From the developer:

"There are currently two sites that work, don't work, etc and I will keep my eye on them and remove them if necessary.

Just unzip and extract the folder, as is, to your desktop and run the bot from that folder."

> http://www.backlinkgoldmine.com/pixploit/
>kurt any idea what the exploit might be?????

Sorry Karsten, I don't have a clue and couldn't find anything about it. A pure guess is that it has something to do with submitting pictures to sites like Flickr, but just a guess.

Also, I meant to have this as a thread for free bots, but forgot to put that in the first thread...I updated the first thread accordingly.