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#4, RE: The List of Bots
Posted by Kurt on May-10-10 at 04:05 AM
In response to message #3
Hey Karsten,

>Kurt, I tried the VBB Bot and there is no list included -
>this is not to complain just to let you know ))

Sorry about that...Can you download it again and give it a quick test and let me know?


>Also would it be possible to create a bot which is able to
>scrape member names/ids from boards searching for a specific

I could probably do this...Give me a little more detail/example.

>I am not sure if you already did but imo you are pretty
>close to start wso with your bots....

I was going to, but they changed the rules and don't allow anything remotely considered "blackhat". I'll offer the stuff as WSOs that isn't "blackhat".