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#6, RE: The List of Bots
Posted by Kurt on May-13-10 at 08:48 PM
In response to message #5
From the site:

Setup Wordpress With A Single Click!
Did I Mention It’s 100% Free?!

With 1 single click, uPress will:

1) Register a domain via namecheap (optional)

•Ability to use coupon
•Enables private whois
•Sets your nameservers on registration
•Sleeps for 10 minutes to allow DNS propagation
2) Installs wordpress via cpanel and fantastico

•Logs into your cpanel hosting account
•Adds your newly created domain
•Installs wordpress via fantastico
•Setsup your Blog title, description, login, and password
3) Configures your wordpress installation

•Disables comments
•Disables email notifications
•Disables “private” mode (which blocks search engines)
•Sets SEO friendly permalinks to /%postname%/
•Deletes default posts
•Deletes default links
•Deletes default page
•Uploads custom theme
•Activates theme
•Posts all articles in /articles/ folder
•Uses article filenames as post title
•Supports plain text, HTML, and hybrid articles
•Uploads all plugins in /plugins/ folder
•Activates all uploaded plugins
•All In One SEO plugin is enabled
•XML Sitemaps is enabled and sitemap is built
•WP Supercache is enabled with default settings
How much time will this save you on a daily basis?


(subscription required)