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#8, RE: The List of Bots
Posted by Kurt on May-15-10 at 01:23 AM
In response to message #7
>Hi Kurt,
>This looks really great. Do you have any opinions on the
>rest of Uget Links software?
>Have a great weekend.

Hey Steve (and All),

I really don't know much about most of these bots, including Uget. The domain/WP bot should be a good test. If he can get than bot to work, then the other one's are probably OK.

The one thing about this WP bot I don't like is that it uses Fantastisco to install WP, which means WP is probably way out of date. I haven't tried it, just going by the info.

Because I have Ubot, I check out their forum and other Ubot user's bots. Sometimes they post a bot or just the ubot source code file that isn't compiled yet and I'll just compile it and post them here.

A note about Ubot: It's always having updates, many of which are beta. Right now, I'm afraid to open any of my old bot files due to problems with a recent "update".

These updates should make it a better program in the future, but right now it's slowing my progress a lot.