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#0, April 20 2010 - The Commentz Project
Posted by Kurt on Apr-07-10 at 02:17 PM
LAST EDITED ON May-19-10 AT 00:05 AM (PST)
April 20 2010 Downloads:


Scrapes content from Youtube, Wikipedia and Quotes. Mix in some Blinkx video "walls" to make some quick and interesting camouflage sites.

Coming in a couple of days (almost done) - Takes our scraped content and makes hybrid html sites that gives us the best of both html pages and blog features.

Coming in a couple of days - Will add our Comments projects to ZZ Tuel to add to our RSS netword and automate cross linking.

Tuelz are a little "strange" in that they build a "web server" right on your windows PC and run in your browser. This makes them perfect to work with uBots, which are built to run in web browsers.

I should be able to automate 70%+ of some tasks such as setting up projects with ZZ Tuel, Commentz and Hubz.

Probably the best thing you can do now to prepare is to find as many free/cheap hosts as possible. The only thing you need is FTP access.

When acquiring free hosting, be sure to note a few things:

A lot of what seems to be different free hosts are really all hosted on the same IP address. We want Ip diversity for this project.

Many of the links will be dead.

If you don't log into/FTP to your free account fairly often, then your account will probably be deleted.

Free accounts seem to have a "half life" of about 6 months. This means you'll lose about 1/2 of all your free accounts every 6 months. You just need to build them faster than they are lost, which should become a lot easier if I can merge Tuelz and bots.