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#1, RE: April 20 2010 - What's Coming Up
Posted by Kurt on Apr-09-10 at 09:27 PM
In response to message #0

>Probably the best thing you can do now to prepare is to find
>as many free/cheap hosts as possible. The only thing you
>need is FTP access.

Also, you'll want to get some "chunks" together. At least 25 good paragraphs of content. PLR that is slightly rewritten is good.

What this bot will do is take your chunks, grab some Youtube videos, some quotes, a joke or two, some short quotes from wikipedia.

You'll need to go to Morguefile.com and download 10-20 images.

Then the bot and Tuelz will create some pages, mixing and matching all these elements.

It will also add the Commentz Tuel features to the pages, which are many.

Then we'll add ZZ Tuel to the bot...We'll use ZZ to grab our main BlogBomb RSS pheed and lightly spinkle links to our other resourses.

Here's what will happen:

You create a profile or blog that has an RSS pheed

You add the RSS pheed to BlogBomb

BlogBomb checks the pheeds on a schedule to check for updates.

BlogBomb also takes in multiple RSS pheeds and "outputs" them into a single RSS pheed.

ZZ Tuel will read this RSS pheed and add some of the content from this main RSS pheed to your ZZ Tuel pages, creating your own automated cross-linking system.

I can automate a lot of this through bots. About the only thing that you'll need to do by hand is set up a few folders, download some pictures, and set up FTP (the first time only for each project).

Now you'll have the best camauflage pages around. Use the comments to camauflage your links to other profile pages. This is an excellent way to get them the little boost they need.

The system will also have pre-designed templates for you and I've added some fake "google ads" so you can hide some more links here.

Plus these are "static" html pages that you can edit and SEO individually.

But, you have the best of both worlds. You get the automation of blogs:
Template system
auto-cross linking
RSS creation and pinging

And the power of html:
Add any html, java, cgi form, include to these pages. They are "regular" html pages.
Edit and SEO on page by page basis
Use very little server resources

Plus, you get the "central command station" in Commentz. You can add more pages, moderate and add comments, allow your users to add content (and moderate their pages) across ALL domains, all from your Tuelz on your desktop.

The key will be to keep finding free hosts and running the bots and Tuelz each time.