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#2, RE: April 20 2010 - What's Coming Up
Posted by Kurt on Apr-18-10 at 11:13 PM
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LAST EDITED ON Apr-21-10 AT 11:14 PM (PST)
This month we'll focus on making automated sites using the Tuelz.

There's three basic steps:

1 Collecting and Creating Content

2 Making Pages Using the Content

3 Adding the Pages to Commentz/Hubz/ZZ Tuel projects for automation

This is a really cool system that creates a "hybrid" type sites...They use static html pages so we have all the control, plus they are super quick loading, but also have all the power of blogs.

Because these are static sites, they are perfect for cheap and free hosts.

And remember this point: Spend a little more time when you can create a property on someone else's IP address. A link is just a link, but if you build just a 50 page site and only put 3 links on each page, that's 150 links. And a lot of this will be automated.

This won't take long and it will get faster and easier. And we'll be able to create 100s and 1000s of pages we can use for automation.

I'm creating some bots that will greatly reduce the time and effort needed. I've had requests to create videos to show you some ways to use Tuelz, now I can create a bot that will do the work for you, as easily as I can create a video to show you how to do something...

Not everything is push-button and some things need to be done by hand. And the bots will have errors. I'll expand and fix stuff if you guys show interest in them.

Content Scraper System and BomBot

Download ContentScraperBotBom Here (coming soon)

Content Sources:

YouTube - Scrapes the embed code to embed the videos in your pages.

It works in 3 different modes:

1. Automatic - Scrapes videos based on your keywords. Outputs in Fatbomb friendly format to add to Fatbomb search engines and pages.

2. Automatic - Scrapes videos based on your keywords. Outputs in Tuelz friendly format, more to come soon.

3. Manual - Surf to a page manually and click the button when you see a video you want to add to your collection. The bot scrapes the needed info and outputs in Tuelz format. This is a great way to add only the best, hand-picked videos to your collection.

Blinx - Blinkx is another site that lets you embed their videos in your pages. The cool thing about Blinkx is they create a "wall" of videos. The bot doesn't scrape Blinkx, but I've set up the code so all you need to do is add your keywords.

Quotes - The bot will scrape some quotes based on your keywords and save them fir future use.

Wikipedia/pheeds.com - I have a mirror of Wikipedia. I've set it up so that you can scrape Wikipedia from my site and not have any links in the content.

Chunks - You should also have some chunks of content. These can even be blog type posts and paragraphs, that talk about your fishing trip, diet, homework, bowling team, etc. Just rambling is perfect.

Once we collect our content, we'll use the Tuelz to spin it into different combos to make pages.

Blinkz.txt - Open blinkx.txt then find and change "las vegas" to your various keywords. You can repeat keywords as I've varied the blinkx code a bit.

Open ContentScraperBotBom

Select "Tuelz Auto Scrape"

Enter three keyword phrases, one per box. Keep them very general. Don't use long tail!

Press the start button

WARNING: This bot will produce an error on pages that aren't formatted as expected. Just hit the message window and the bot will restart. It's a little pain...I'll try to fix it if there's interest.

ContentScraperBotBom will scrape the code for about 20 videos per each of the 3 keywords, for a total of about 60 videos per run.

These Youtube strings are saved in the TuelzAutoPageScrape.txt file.

NOTE: Each time you run the bot it will clear this file. If you want more videos, you must copy/paste them to another file before running the bot again.

If you are running the bot in the manual mode, it will clear the ManualPageScrape.txt file each time you restart the bot, adding more videos to the file each time you hit the button until you restart the bot.

Quote: Select the Quote mode

Enter a Keyword - This should be a very general keyword

Press the start button

Repeat if you want.

These quotes are stored in the quotes.txt file.

Pheeds.com: Select Pheeds.com mode

Enter three general keywords/phrases, one per box

Press the start button.

Repeat with different keywords if you want.

These quotes are stored in the pheeds.txt file.

Open Blinkx.txt and TuelzAutoPageScrape.txt file and the ManualPageScrape.txt file (if you used it).

Copy all three files into a new text file called:

Open quotes.txt and paste into the Linez Tuel
Prefix each line: <p>

Copy the results and paste into a new txt file:

Open pheeds.txt and paste into alltext.txt.

Open any chunks and paste into alltext.txt.

Now you should have two text files, one containing all your video code strings and all your text code strings.

Next, we'll use them to make pages...Lots and lots of pages.