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Posted by Kurt on May-05-10 at 00:16 AM
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Tuelz Site Making System

Download the package here:


- 50 "blog-like" templates for this project, so you don't have to worry about site design. You'll need to use these templates for this, as I've added special "marker" text to the template.

- PageBomb.exe

- Commentz_BomBot.exe

- .htaccess - This is a simple file that tells your server it's OK to use SSI tags in your html pages. It's a necessary file.

- The script and and style files are used by the template for formatting and are needed to make sure the layout is maintained.

- Blockquote.html and naviation.html - Important! These two files are "included" using SSI tags. In plain english, that means what ever you put in these files will be inserted into all the pages containing the SSI tag.

This means, if you change blockquote.html (and upload it), every single page on your site will also update. I've included 3 fake adsense type links in blockquote.html. Open blockquote.html and change the links to whatever you want. Keep in mind these links will be "site wide".

The same thing goes with naviation.html, anything written to this file will appear in the navigation part of the web page. Commentz is set up to update this file each time a new page is added, so each page will contain a link to the newest addtions. It is possible for you to modify this file, just remember that every time there's an update Commentz will update the naviation.html file.

Quick Start

If you want to set up a quick blog-type system, you can skip the content scraping stage above plus Steps 1 and 2 Making Pages and Adding Content in the directions below.

Just run the Commentz_BomBot in the Commentz mode on the folder containing index.html.

Open index.html in your favorite web page/html editor and add the page basics, such as page title, etc. plus content and images or anything else you want to add.

Upload/ftp the contents of the project folder, including the images folder, to your website.

You now have a blog that uses html pages.

For more details, skip to Step 3: "Commentz: below.

Step 1: Make Template Pages

Time: 3 mins

Make a copy of one of the 50 template folders

Name it for the domain the site will be hosted. Don't worry about what the templates look like and which is best...Instead, your goal is to use them all. So just pick one and get going.

Open Pagebomb_template.html using a text editor. You can find Pagebomb_template.html in the main download folder.

Open the special program PageBomb.exe - It should be included in your template download package.

Copy the entire html from the Pagebomb_template.html

Paste the html into PageBomb in the template box.

Paste or type a list of keywords into the keyword box, one per line, into Pagebomb - Use a list of 10-35 general keywords, each keyword will create a webpage. We're not looking to do a lot of SEO here, so choose the most general keywords you can...A good percentage don't have to be specifically related to your niches.

Select the folder of template pages you just created as the destination for your created pages.

Click "Go" button.

Add Content from Scraper Bot

Time: 5 mins

Open Tuelz.exe AND Open Commentz_BomBot.exe - Don't forget to open both!!!

Also open the two text files you made with the content scraper bot:

In Commentz_BomBot, select the CONTENT mode

Then click the START button - The bot should navigate to the Randomz Tuel

Folder/Path: - Browse to the folder you made in the first step for this project

Paste all the lines of text from your allvideo.txt file into the "Enter Text Strings" box

Check the settings, change if you want, but do NOT change the before/after text.

Click Randomize Now button

Click Bot START button

Repeat, this time adding your TEXT from the alltext.txt file into Randomz.

Click Randomize Now button

Click Bot START button

Internal Linking

Time: 2 mins

The first stage will add "Next" and "Back" links to the bottom of all your pages. In essence, this means each page has at least two other pages linking to it, good for link juice and spidering.

Open Commentz_BomBot

Select "Internal Linking" mode.

Click Bot START button

The Bot should navigate to the Keymapz Tuel page.

Paste Folder Directory Path or Select Project Folder

Double check any import forms and modify them if you want.

Click "Add Keymapz"

You've now created a mini-site of html pages. Next, let's take these pages and run them through Commentz to add tons of powerful and dynamic blog-like features:

Step 3: Commentz:

Time: 2 mins

Open Commentz_BomBot

Select "Commentz" mode.

Enter Project Name

Click Bot START button

Wait for Bot to Stop.

Browse and enter Folder Path to the project pages

Double check any import forms and modify them if you want.

Scroll down to area #24 - In the Commentz_BomBot browser window, scroll down to area #24 FTP Server Details. Fill in the FTP login info for your web host.

Click the "Browse" button. A pop-up window will appear and Tuelz will FTP to your site. Using the pop-up window, navigate on your site to the folder where you want Tuelz to upload your pages.

Scroll down to area #25 Select Ping Services and check the "All" box for the MAIN ping services only. (I couldn't get the bot to do this correctly)

Important: Double check to make sure the URL generated by Commentz is correct. Commentz will try to guess what the URL is, but make sure it's good or it will mess up your cross-linking system.

Click "Add Project"

Commentz will take your post and create a new page from it, upload it, add a link to it, update the RSS pheed to include it, ping the RSS pheed, all in a few seconds.