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#6, RE: Commentz BomBot
Posted by Kurt on May-05-10 at 00:32 AM
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LAST EDITED ON May-05-10 AT 00:46 AM (PST)

Using Commentz - Why use Commentz?

Is very fast to set up a basic Commentz site using the Bot and Tuelz.

Nothing to install

No MYSQL databases to mess with

Paste and click content Auto FTP. One click does it all.

Auto cross-linking new pages

Accepts User Comments for User Generated Content...A great way to dedoop!

All comments moderated from your Commentz admin...Manage comments across multiple domains all from your desktop

Lets you fully edit all parts of posted comments, including URL. If I get a good "spam", I'll use it and just change the link to one of my own.

Auto Creates an RSS pheed from new content - Don't forget to submit it to the RSS directories!

Auto Ping When New Content Added

Extreme Power and Control for Experts And at the Same Time Easy for Beginners.

When you add a new page, option to fully modify the template...Try doing this with a blog.

Simple Imput forms assist with basic SEO

Keeps a copy of your pages on your computer. Your site is stored on your PC. If your server hard drive fails, you still have your stuff.

Individual Pages Means Total Control - Because these are html pages stored on your PC, you can open any or all of them up in your favorite web editor and change them any way you want. Add a CPA offer to a single page, or add banners only to your home page...Maybe add nofollow links to your affiliate links, but not to your own sites.

(You just have to be careful with the marker tags that tell Commentz where to put stuff.)

No Limits! - Want to add a subscribe form or javascript? Maybe include some custom php? These are HTML pages, just do it.

Tuelz - You can make changes and manage tons of pages easily as many Tuelz were designed specifically for managing lost of pages. The Tuelz combined with SSI tags make managing HTML sites just as easy as blogs do, but with tons more options.

Loads faster - Google recently announced that loading speed is a factor in page rankings and static pages will beat blog pages with similar content hands down.

Takes less server strain - Blogs are dynamic. This means the server has to "build" them each time, which is why they are slower. With Commentz, you use your own PC to make and update the pages, then upload them to your site. This method uses far less server power and your hosting will love you for it.

Great for cyber real-estate building, these pages are perfect for camouflage. You can hide links in the content, the comments and "fake" ads that point to your own resouces.

Tip: Put links to money making pages on these sites that get trafffic. Use sites that don't get traffic for linking purposes.

With this system, all you need is to be able to FTP, nothing else to worry about or install.

Post popular videos on these pages, then bookmark them. Combine some gentle Bookmarking with the built-in ping system to gain a few backlinks.

Your mission is to find stable free hosts. You'll lose them over time, but try to keep adding them a little faster than you lose them. Remember, these properties can each produce 100's and even 1000's of links.