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#8, RE: Commentz BomBot
Posted by Kurt on May-05-10 at 05:46 AM
In response to message #7
LAST EDITED ON May-06-10 AT 02:24 AM (PST)
OK...Here's a video that shows the Quick Start method for setting a Commentz web site.


The video is about 3:43 long and I didn't do any voice-over. It doesn't take much longer than this to actually install a Commentz site and take advantage of all of the benefits.

Print out the following directions and follow along as you watch the video:

1 Copy one of the 50 template folders and rename it

2 Open index.html in a text editor or web editor and make basic changes.

3 Don't mess with the comment tags, they are markers telling

4 Commentz where to place content.

5 Open Tuelz.exe and wait for them to load in browser.

6 Open CommentzBomBot.exe

7 Pick a very general one-word keyword to name the project and to use as your main keyword.

8 Enter the one-word keyword into CommentzBomBot.

9 Click the START button

10 The Commentz Tuel should load in the browser. Wait a few seconds for it to load.

11 Browse to the folder you created in Step 1

12 Scroll down to Area #24 on the Commentz page.

13 Fill in your FTP host, user and password.

14 Click the browse button. A pop-up FTP window will appear.

15 Navigate to the folder on your web host you want to use for this project.

16 Click "OK" in the popup window. You should now return to the
Commentz main window.

17 Double check to make sure that the URL created by Commentz is corrct.

18 Skip to Area #25 and for the Ping services, select the "All" button.

19 Do NOT select the "All" button for the special services unless you have a good reason to.

20 Click "Add Project" button.

21 FTP to your site and upload the "images" folder that's in the template folder to its correct location.