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#0, Uber Index BotBom
Posted by Kurt on Mar-07-10 at 09:06 PM
Download it here:

It's a "bot" and needs:
.net 3.5 framework

It adds your site to about 3755 sites that link back to you...These are sites similar to the Quick Index bot, just a lot more of them.

More accurately, it contacts each site and has them create a page about your site, which links to your site (in most cases).

Use it with caution. I suggest using on a new domain with decent content, even PLR, or an older domain that isn't doing much and doesn't have much to lose.

This list was part of a bigger list intended to run with Scrapebox. I took the list of 33,000 URLs and removed multiple links from the same domain. Sub-domains are treated as different domains.

This reduced the number of URLs down to about 3755.

I ran the PR of the domain for each URL and serperated the list with the highest PR listed first.

Again, this is the PR of the domain, not the page with your link:
PR 9 = 11
PR 8 = 110
PR 7 = 163
PR 6 = 282
PR 5 = 441

This is about 1100.

In the same folder as Uber_Indexer.exe there are the following text files:

URLs.txt - This is the file that the Uber Indexer uses, so paste the URLs you want to use in this file. Starts wtih 3755 unless you modify it.

all.txt - Has all 3755 URLs

1-1100.txt - Has the URLs with the 1100 highest domain PageRank

1101-3755.txt - The URLs with PR of N/A - PR 4


Decide if you want to use all the URLs, the top 1100 or the other URLs. Copy the URLs

Open URLs.txt and paste the URLs you just copied.




Start and Run Uber_Indexer.exe

It should take about 75-90 minutes to run all the URLs.

There's a little bit of risk, not a lot, but test it out and see if it doesn't get an older stale site a bit of a boost or help get a new domain indexed quickly.

Bombing is about taking risks, but minimizing the loss. You know the PLR articles you have and that domain you've owned for years, but never did anything with?

Slap together a site and run Uber Indexer...