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#1, ModRewrite - Making Pages Using FatBomb
Posted by Kurt on Sep-26-07 at 06:16 PM
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LAST EDITED ON Oct-15-07 AT 04:38 AM (PST)
1. Open the redirector folder and find a file called:

Open .htaccess in a text editor such as TextPad or Notepad.

2. Find and edit this text to match your own set up:

Do NOT add your domain name...Just make sure the path to your fatbomb is correct.

3. Change:

skin=pageL (or pageLR or pageR, accordingly)

4. Check to see if your site has an exisiting .htaccess file in the root folder, where your homepage is.

If yes, download that .htaccess file and copy/paste the redirector code into it, making sure you keep all the existing info. Just paste the redirector info to the bottom.

If no .htaccess file exists, just upload the redirector .htaccess file.

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteRule ^(<^/>*)\.html$ /cgi-bin/fatbomb/fatbomb.cgi/?skin=skin1&keywords=$1

Again, NOTE the last line and modify the /cgi-bin/ path to match your setup.

Also NOTE: skin=skin1 You can change this parameter to match any skin you have in your Fatbomb/skins/ folder.

If this works, you can now create pages as fast as you can make keywords.

Here's what this does...Some comes to your site from a link and if that pages does NOT already exist, your server will make them a page using FatBomb.

While this is really "techy", if you get it set up, it's also very cool and VERY POWERFUL!!!

Follow this syntax and FatBomb will make pages on the fly based on your keywords:

I have this set up on my www.lubz.com site...

Make up your own keywords using this format and watch as Fatty makes pages on the fly:

Bascially, just make links and your server and Fatty will make pages based on the keywords in the URL.

This is just one method of making pages with Fatty. I'll show you some other methods soon...