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#10, RE: Mastering The URL
Posted by kelvin brown on Oct-18-07 at 09:45 AM
In response to message #9

I was thinking of using the chunks like you showed me before.

This time with a small twist.
First assuming ( and i do) that I have 20 different PLR ebooks all on some topic of IM ( other niches apply).

Let's say I can quickly get 30 chunks per book: That gives me 600 IM chunks to work with.

Now, I need to signup with affiliate programs appropriate for each of the 20 PRS.

For example if one is on using youtube. THen I might go to clickbank, and find a youtube product that pays well. Every chunk of the youtube PLR would have a URL pointing to the youtube clickbank product.

Now, later I find a different product to promote, i can do find and replace, on the the affiliate URL I added.

Now, Kurt you know how I like to so live samples.

Do you want that in your membership site? Or others areas? Or at all?