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#16, RE: ModRewrite - Making Pages Using FatBomb
Posted by Kurt on Oct-25-07 at 01:04 PM
In response to message #15

>This is very powerful!
>The searches are made "on the fly"
>So you could have a "menu" with all the keyword searches
>ready for the user to just click"
>Too Cool!

Hey Ed...

Yes, it's both cool and very powerful.

Now, let's take the next step:

Create a new directory/folder in the "root" directory of you website.

Make two simple modifications to your htaccess file:

Here's the base URL:

Change /cgi-bin/ to:


Change skin1 to skin2

This gives us:

What we've done is tell your server that any requests made for the second directory to use a different skin.

In other words, if you make links like this:
www.YourDomain.com/elvis-presley.html - Your server will use skin #1

If you make links like this:
www.YourDomain.com/NewFolder/elvis-presley.html - Your server will make pages using skin #2.

Let's say you have a site about sports. Your home directory would be about all sports in general and your skin would list links to:

Next, create a new "golf" folder, modify the htaccess/mod rewrite file as above, create a skin called "golf.html", and refer to it in your htaccess as:

Now, create a "golf" skin, including more specific links to other golf related keywords:
Tiger Woods
golf clubs

Repeat with all other major sports:
Make new folder
Make new skin with relative links
Modify htaccess to call that skin
Upload htaccess to that folder
Upload new skin to the Fatty skins folder

This may take an hour to learn, then 10 minutes to repeat and you can pump out pages and pages and pages.

Now, let's say you have 1000 "pages". If you put 10 external links to your other sites on each page, you have 10,000 linking opportunities.

Master these concepts and you'll be able to compete with the real SEOers and blackhatters.

Hey Ed...

I'm putting you in charge of testing this...I did it off the top of my head and there may be a problem...You're perfect for this, as you have basic web skills. So if you can do this, so can everyone else.