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#20, RE: ModRewrite - Making Pages Using FatBomb
Posted by sgtaw on Oct-26-07 at 09:32 AM
In response to message #16
OK. Here is what I found....

Please take a look at http://sports.acquirewisdom.com

>Now, let's take the next step:
>Create a new directory/folder in the "root" directory of you

These are the directories you want,... ie. golf, boxing, judo, etc.

>Make two simple modifications to your htaccess file:
>Here's the base URL:
>Change /cgi-bin/ to:

A couple of notes:

1. you MUST have a .htaccess in each of the folders you create.
2. The rename like Kurt mentions, didn't work on my server. I tried multiple ways. What WORKED was to have the full domain path... ie http://sports.acquirewisdom.com/cgi-bin/fatbomb/fatbomb.cgi/?skin=skin1&keywords=$1

>Change skin1 to skin2

To keep things in "order" I call the skins baseball.html, boxing.html, etc.

>This gives us:
>What we've done is tell your server that any requests made
>for the second directory to use a different skin.
>In other words, if you make links like this:
>www.YourDomain.com/elvis-presley.html - Your server will use
>skin #1
>If you make links like this:
>www.YourDomain.com/NewFolder/elvis-presley.html -
>Your server will make pages using skin #2.
>Let's say you have a site about sports. Your home directory
>would be about all sports in general and your skin would
>list links to:
>Next, create a new "golf" folder, modify the htaccess/mod
>rewrite file as above, create a skin called "golf.html", and
>refer to it in your htaccess as:
>Now, create a "golf" skin, including more specific links to
>other golf related keywords:
>Tiger Woods
>golf clubs

You can see on my site this is exactly what I did.

Some notes:

1. If you use CSS for your html, then you need to create multiple css files. One for each skin. I had to do this because the link to pictures are in the CSS file not hard coded into the html.

2. Using a generic template, like the one I used allows for very fast modification using tuelz (pages, namez, replacez).

For example, if you have 3 pictures in the html.

a. Then name then picz1.jpg, picz2.jpg, picz3.jpg.
b. run replacez to replace picz with baseball, boxing. etc.
c. make sure to select "by page" in replacez
d. also make sure your real pics are named appropriately like
baseball1.jpg, baseball2.jpg
e. using this method, you could change 1000s of pics literally in

3. The most time is in creating a generic template so you can do #2 above. But once it's done, 1000s of pages very quickly.

4. Keeping images and styles in the root folder makes it easier to use tuelz because then the replacez, etc can be done just on that folder.

5. REMEMBER to keep your MASTER template somewhere apart from where you will run the tuelz! Or else it will replace all your stuff!

I hope this helps. Let me know any questions you have.

By the way, I leave the country for some missionary work on Tuesday October 29 and will return the 19th of November. So communications will be limited during that time.