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#3, Using WINHTTRACK to Make Pages with FatBomb Part III
Posted by Kurt on Oct-15-07 at 05:01 AM
In response to message #2
The first method we used "mod rewrite" and an .htaccess file to create dynamic pages. "Dynamic" means the server creates the page each time it is visited.

This is good because any changes you make to the resources used, such as different engines, weights, data files, etc, will be used immediately.

However, this takes a lot of server resources, especially with busy sites.

Also, every skin/template is the same. You can't vary what's in your navigation columns, etc.

The next strategy using PageBomb is a hybrid, it uses part dynamic elements and part static elements.

It allows you to customize many part of the pages on a page by page basis, while still adding dynamic content..

This method is good in that it greatly reduces server strain and allows you to modify each and every page individually. Later on, I'll show you how to use TUELZ to do some amazing things will these static pages.

The draw back is, if you want to change something, you have to make changes to all the pages. If you want to use different resources, you'll have to regenerate all the pages again.

The modrewrite/redirector .htaccess file strategy oulined in the first post must be working!!!

We'll use a totally FREE program called HTTRACK:

What it is, is a page "sucker". It will take a list of URLs and "suck" them to your hard drive.

In our case, we're going to make a list of all of the URLs to the pages we want to create, then have HTTRACK suck them to our hard drive.

Once they are on our hard drive, we can upload them to any domain we want. This way, you only have to install Fatty once, and can use it to build pages for domain after domain after domain!