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#6, RE: Can SE's ban fatbomb for scraping?
Posted by Kurt on Oct-17-07 at 11:12 AM
In response to message #5
Hi John,

Most engines have a tolerance of 1000 per day. If one engine doesn't return result, Fatty will ignore it, depending on the time out parameter that was set in the admin.

I actually have a blackhat desktop program I created a while back that scrapes the results from your PC and then uploads them to Fatty, so your home IP can be used.

Problem is, it's 4 years old and I haven't used it in ages so I don't know if it still works or not...If there's enough folks interested, speak up, and I'll look into it some more.

Side note: If you find Fatty "hanging", check to see if you have ODP selected...It can be notoriously slow, and even unreachable.