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#9, Mastering The URL
Posted by Kurt on Oct-18-07 at 07:55 AM
In response to message #8
A Fatty search will produce a long URL using different "parameters". A parameter is just a command to tell Fatty what to display.

We can change the keywords, the skin used, the starting point of the results, and the total number of results, all just using the parameters in the URL.

Everything to the RIGHT of the URL is a parameter, with each seperated by the "&" sign.

Here's a typical Fatty URL:

This part is the URL:

What's leftover are the parameters:

And let's break each of these down:

keywords=elvis - This is obviously our keywords. Change it, and we change the content.

skin=skin2 - This will change the look and feel. We cover skins in a different thread...but each skin can have diffent "navigation links" and that will also vary the content somewhat.

start=0 - this parameter tells Fatty which result to start at. 0 actually means to start with the very first results. If you enter "10", the first result will be the resource that was listed 11th in the SERPs.

length=20 The length attribute tells Fatty how many links/resources to list with each results.

Combining the start and the length and using them in with different numbers can create tons of different opportunities.

Instead of having one "elvis" page with 20 results, let's make 4 different pages with 5 results:


We may want to vary the length, so some pages are short and others are long. This gives us more variety for the search engines...Maybe they like long pages this week, and short next...

Also depending on the kewords used, most Fatty SERPs will return a bunch of results. Think about how you can use the "start" and "length" parameters to squeeze lots of pages out of a single search.

Remember, it often takes Fatty just as much "power" to create one page about Elvis as it does to create dozens, if you know how to use and exploit the "start" and "length" paramters.

Copy this URL and paste it into your browser's address bar. Then mess around with the attributes. Change the skin from 1-10 and change the start and the length.

I don't have many engines selected at this time, but if I had a few more, you'd see an even bigger difference in content that can be generated from a single keyword.