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#0, 1 Installing FatBomb
Posted by Kurt on Oct-12-07 at 03:35 AM
LAST EDITED ON Oct-20-07 AT 07:23 AM (PST)
Directions and Video for installing Fatty...


1 Check/change "path to perl": #!/usr/bin/perl

2 Upload/FTP everything in ASCII/text mode using your FTP programs.

3 Set permissions of fatbomb.cgi to 755.

4 Set permissions of all the folders to 755. If this returns an error, try setting folders to 777.

5 Log into your admin. Your admin URL should look something like this:


Or maybe:


The default password is:


Change this immediately!

Modifying Your Skins:
Upload the folder /styles/ to the root folder of your website. Make sure the /images folder is inside this folder: /styles/ /styles/images

Next, open skins 1-10 and change the following line in your skins to point to the /styles/ folder on your domain: @import url( http://MySite.com/styles/style10.css )

For more on Fatty skins, visit this thread: