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#13, RE: 1 Installing FatBomb - Video Tutorial
Posted by farazahmed on Apr-03-08 at 00:24 AM
In response to message #12
LAST EDITED ON Apr-03-08 AT 00:44 AM (PST)
I have been using fatbomb on my sites and had even lost the fatbomb script a little earlier.

Now, I wanted to install fatbomb on a new site of mine, so what I did was to download the fatbomb script from my earlier site to my hard drive and then uploaded it to the new site.

But when I try to go to http://www.domain.com/cgi-bin/fatbomb/fatbomb.cgi/admin/do_login I get an internal server error.

I have even changed the permissions to 755 and checked with 777 too, but it didnt work. I dont know what's wrong.

I also ran a test.cgi with only these lines below and it works okay -
print "Content-type: text/plain\n\n";
print "testing...\n";

Now,this new site is also on the same host although on a subdomain.

So,this means that the server settings are correct.

What else could be wrong?

Any Ideas??